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Title: My Brother's Keeper
Author: </a>fatal_human</span>
Betas: N/A
Pairings: Fred/George
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Fred and George work through their mutual but secret lustings. (yeah lustings)
Warnings: A bit of course language and sexual content
Word Count: 1,918
Disclaimer: None of the Harry Potter universe is mine and is entirely the property of JK Rowling.
Note: First Fred/George fan fic. Hope you enjoy. :) 

My Brother's Keeper

I looked at George as he lay sleeping in the bed across the room from me. In the early morning light floating through the dingy window his hair looked like a halo of orange-red flame surrounding his sleeping face. He wasn’t particularly handsome with his mouth open, drooling slightly, but I knew every inch of his face; my face; our face. I knew how gorgeous he was with his eyes lit up and his mischievous grin spread widely across his face. Or how beautiful he looked when he’d walk out of the one bathroom we shared with nothing but a fluffy cotton towel wrapped around his waist all the water droplets clinging to his shaggy hair and his creamy skin. I feel myself start to grow hard, pressing against the confines of my cotton keks.

 George murmurs quietly and my stomach clenches as his eyes flutter and he turns around staying soundly asleep. I let out the breath I didn’t even realize I was holding and I turn onto my back and stare up at the ceiling. It had been like this for the past year. Everyone from our class was keeping in touch and we knew all about the couples that had cropped up and George had a mild fling with one of our stock girls that he’d occasionally come home late and regale me with and I was the single one. Everyone knew I was gay that had never been a secret and it shouldn’t have stopped me from dating either what with Oliver Wood having always fancied me but the truth was I was in love with someone already. There was only one pair of hands I wanted to feel sliding through my hair and down my chest. There was only one mouth I wanted to feel pressed into my mouth and on my hot skin. I glanced over at George and sighed heavily. Too bad that one other person could never know. I’d keep my secret to keep my brother.


                Fred thinks I don’t know he watches me while I sleep. I saw him for a moment this morning before he got up and left to see our mum. I’ve caught him at it a couple of times but I’ve never said anything. At first it made me self conscious. I was wondering why he was staring at me in the first place. I’d thought about asking him if he was mental and waving my hand about in front of his face and saying something clever like, “Oy Fred, take a picture will you?” but the look of pain on his face always stopped me. I imagine that look is the same one I wear when I think about how I feel about him. I’ve even started to wonder if he’s looking at me like that because he’s figured out my secret. That’s why I started seeing Arlene. She’s a nice enough girl but she’s all soft curves and girlish charm. What I really want are the strong sure hands of my other half. I want to see how closely our bodies mirror one another. I dream about his mouth and hands on all the parts of my body. Just thinking about it makes me swell and I run a hand over the crotch of my jeans and sigh slightly. Arlene has tried to move further with me physically but when I close my eyes I always see Fred. I see Fred pulling my shirt over my head and tossing it on the floor; Fred getting down onto his knees and kissing my stomach, the perfect mirror of his flat abdomen, as he undoes my zip; Fred nuzzling my thigh and breathing against my hard cock.  I unzip my pants and pull them and my keks down and start slowly rubbing myself up and down thinking of Fred.


                Mum and I had gotten into the biggest row we’d had in months and now I was going to have to go upstairs into the tiny apartment above the store and act as though everything was fine because George always wanted me to talk about how I felt whenever mum and I fought and I just couldn’t handle a heartfelt discussion when all I wanted was a way to let out all this steam. I stood outside the door a minute, my forehead pressed against the grainy wood and I listened for sounds of life from inside. George was also always working on new gags and tricks for the shop. He had a beautiful, steady work ethic when he wanted to be bothered. I smiled slightly and in one fluid motion opened the door, stepped inside, and felt my jaw drop as I registered the scene before me.

                There was George, legs splayed out as far they could be with his pants and keks around his knees, furiously stroking himself. My eyes rested for several long seconds on his gorgeous erection before I got a hold of myself. I looked up at him and he looked back at me suddenly rushing to pull up his pants as a blush crept up his neck to his fair freckled cheeks. Before he could really start covering himself I felt the words tumbling out of my mouth, “George, Don’t. I mean… Stop. No I mean… Don’t stop. Oh fuck.” I walked closer to him shutting the door behind me. I dropped the bag of groceries I’d been holding and looked down at him my fingers aching to touch him. He looked back and seemed uncomfortable. “What Fred, want to help?” he said in a rough, breathy voice. I wanted to say no. I knew it would be safer to say no and make some sarcastic wisecrack but I couldn’t. “Yes.” I closed my eyes fighting back tears and not wanting to see Fred’s look of horror but  before I could open my eyes I hear him kicking off his pants and padding the few steps over to me.


                Somewhere in the back of my mind it occurred to me that I probably looked like a git with just a t-shirt on, my dick still half hard, and me standing in front of my beautiful twin brother who was squeezing his eyes shut as though he could travel back several minutes. All I wanted was to erase that look of pain off his face. I leaned in and gently put my hands on either side of his face, so like my own, and kissed him full on the mouth gently at first and then harder. I felt his warm soft lips give beneath my own as I slide my tongue over his bottom lip and gently pried his mouth open so that I could explore further. He tasted sweet and strong like cinnamon and I moaned softly against his mouth only to hear and feel him do the same. My hands wandered slowly over his shoulders and down his chest as I felt myself getting harder. I slipped my hands under his shirt and slowly pulled it up over his head only breaking our kiss for a moment so I could stare down at his angular collar bone to his toned but lean chest and stomach and that thin line of curly rust colored hair, just like the one on my body, that lead from right under his belly button to the line of his. I sighed lustily and dove back into his mouth. I felt his hands exploring my chest and then my shirt was lifted for my body and thrown to the floor. I broke from Fred’s mouth and kissed his neck working my way down until I was on my knees looking up at him. I grinned and started undoing his pants. He made a sound of protest but I looked back up at him and said, “Fred, maybe I want to help YOU!”


                I looked down at George and slowly ran my fingers through his soft, shaggy hair. I wanted to protest but he seemed so adamant about working on my pants zip and then slowly sliding them down over my boney hips and letting them fall around my ankles. He leaned back slightly taking in my body. I felt the heat rise in my face before he looked up at me and said in mock outrage, “Fred, I think you’re bigger than me!” I went to roll my eyes and say something back but suddenly his mouth was wrapped around the head of my erection and he was moaning softly letting his warm, wet tongue swirl around my tip. It was amazing. My protest was caught in my throat and came out as a half formed moan. “Georughhhhhhhhhh.” I looked down to see him staring up at me as he slowly slid the rest of my shaft into his mouth and throat. I let my head tip back as my fingers found themselves intertwined in George’s hair. I pulled slightly and felt him moan against me as he moved my cock in and out of his mouth while his tongue pushed against the underside of my shaft making me moan. I pushed my erection forward and felt it slip into the tight top of his throat as he swallowed against me before sliding me out and repeating it again and again burying his face into the tight rust colored curls that matched the ones at the base of George’s hard-on. Suddenly I felt George’s hand gently massaging and tugging at my balls as he worked my throbbing dick quickly in and out of his mouth. I looked down moaning as he looked up at me his eyes dark with lust and passion. “Fuck George. Yes. God I’m going to cum!”


                I moaned against Fred as he looked down at me. I had waited so long to feel him inside my mouth. I suck harder wanting him to cum hard into my mouth so I can finally taste him and stop having to imagine the way it sounds for my brother to cum while his cock is in my mouth. I softly tugged on his balls while I work him faster in and out of mouth moaning softly as he pulls against my hair forcing himself into my throat. My whole body tingles every time he moans my name and tugs my hair. I feel his muscles start to tense and he pulls away and I shake my head looking up at him and saying in a deep scratchy voice, “No Fred. I want to taste you.” I swallow him whole and moan moving back and forth and I feel his fingers tighten as he moans loudly and pulls my hair. He yelps that he’s about to cum and I force him out of my throat and suck until I feel him start to shudder as he shoots warm sticky cum onto my tongue and down my throat. I pursed my lips around his shaft and pulled away wanted to get every last drop. I fell back onto my legs and licked my lips staring up at him. Fred sunk down to his knees in front of me and kissed me deeply before pulling away and flashing a grin that turned me to Jelly. “You know what?” he said playfully. I looked at him and said, “What?”

“Now – It’s your turn!” He tackled me and kissed me and I grinned myself happy that I was finally living out all my fantasies.


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Jul. 4th, 2009 02:29 pm (UTC)
So hot! Hope it's not the last...

Edited at 2009-07-04 02:30 pm (UTC)
Jul. 6th, 2009 10:58 pm (UTC)
oh, gods.

hot twinsex.

nice work.

i love this: "George, Don’t. I mean… Stop. No I mean… Don’t stop. Oh fuck.”

because i can totally picture a flustered Fred saying it. ha.
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&lt;3 fred and george

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